We offer customization on all our leather straps. To ensure we can accommodate your request, please contact us at before placing your order. We appreciate your patience and understanding that customized straps may increase processing and turnaround times.

To add your customization request, please fill out the Special Instructions request form that pops-up after you add the strap to your cart. Note that you will have to select the strap width and length before adding to cart. If you want a custom width/length, select any width/length and specify the desired size you want in the pop-up form.




+ Lug width

Choose any lug width between 14mm-26mm.

+ Taper Width

Customize your strap's taper width.

Taper width also defines buckle width. We provide 16mm and 18mm watch buckles. You would need to supply your own buckle for other taper widths.

+ Buckle Material

Choose a brushed finish or polished finish stainless steel buckle. Both finishes are available in 16mm and 18mm widths.

+ Length

Customize the length of each part of your strap (long part and short part).

+ Hole Adjustment

Customize by adding an extra hole or two. Or, move the position of the default six holes to tailor the strap fit.

+ Stitch Type

Choose from the following stitch options: corner stitch, full border stitch, boxed stitch, line stitch, no stitch and wide line stitch.

+ Stitch Color

Customize the stitch color of your strap.

+ Curved-End

If your watch requires a curved end strap, we can customize one for you. We also recommend curved end strap for watches with short lugs (e.g. modern Rolex watches) to prevent the case from rubbing against the strap. We provide optional complimentary curved quick-release spring bars to go with it.

+ Shape

Choose either a standard pointed tip (v-shaped) or a squared off tip.




Everyone is unique and we want you to embrace your individuality and create something truly unique to you. For very precise and special requests, whether it’s related to sizes or design specifications, please fill out the form below or email us at and we can consult with you about bringing your vision to life. An additional special customization fee will be calculated after the exchange along with an estimated production time.

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For more questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at We look forward to serving you.