+ Two-Piece Strap

Length is measured without the buckle. Since strap fit also depends on the size of the watch, our wrist size to strap size recommendations only are estimates.

Short length: long part 11cm and short part 7cm.
Fits wrists approximately 5.8 inches to 6.8 inches.

Regular length: long part 12cm and short part 7.5cm.
Fits wrists approximately 6.4 inches to 7.5 inches.

+ NATO Strap

Leather NATO strap: 26cm.
One size fits all.

Nylon NATO strap: 28cm.
One size fits all.

+ Single-Pass Strap

Single-Pass strap: 26cm.
One size fits all.




The width of the watch strap depends on your watch's lug size. You can measure the distance (in millimeters) between the two inner lugs. Most, but not all, watches have lug sizes between 18mm and 22mm.



18mm to 21mm width watch straps taper to 16mm at the buckle.
22mm width watch straps taper to either 16mm or 18mm at the buckle.



We offer stainless steel buckles in brushed and polished finishes.



We offer complimentary quick-release springbars for watches with lug widths from 18mm to 22mm. Since quick-release springbar measurements are exact, please accurately check your watch's lug width to ensure the springbar will fit. Some vintage watches have lug widths that measure slightly less than the stated lug width (e.g. a "20mm" lug width vintage watch might actually measure to 19.8mm between the lugs).

Quick-release springbars are removable but there will be a permanent slit/notch in the strap. Click here for instructions on how to remove quick-release springbars from your watch strap.


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